I have a question about my order

If you have any questions regarding an item or an order, you can contact the support team. We can help with order tracking or item specifics.

If you do not get a response immediately, don’t worry! we are just right here for you. It may take about 8 to 12 hours to get replies due to a large number of requests.

How do I get my orders downloaded?

If you can’t find your order, please take some suggested actions below.

*Try to refresh your purchase page, and check the website card and or your account card carefully;

*Check your mailbox includes spam, social, junk emails sections (Paypal email, the email that you have provided to the site;

*Kindly contact us right away if you still cannot find your orders or purchases.

How to use the files?

*Note that you must unzip the file and or unrar the file before using


  •  Cricut: You have to use the SVG file type to apply into Cricut. Make sure to check your Cricut carefully before using that your Cricut is using perfectly well;
  • Silhouette: Using the PNG and or DXF files with this, and make sure your machine/software is working well.

Moreover, if you wonder about using these software/machines, you can search by yourself on Google.com, or you can contact us if you cannot find your answers.

Can’t see the design (white parts)

Do not worry if you cannot see the whole design.

Remember that we can’t realize the white designs on white background when you apply the files into your own software or machine.

In this case, you have to change the background into dark color and or black color to see the whole parts.

If you cannot do it, just go ahead and talk to us. We are sure that your matter would be resolved ASAP.